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Serious Germ Protection for Power Users

The Value Pack of PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer is designed for those who will be using it in a commercial setting, those who work in occupations that require constant hand washing, any that may be traveling out of the U.S. for an extended period of time, those looking for emergency preparedness solutions, or for those who simply enjoy sharing the protective benefits of PureBioGuard with those who they love and care about!
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All-Day Peace of Mind in a Single Use

Better Value Than Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
*A 2 oz bottle of PureBioGuard Hand Sanitizer is designed to provide a single user with anywhere from 60-90 days of all-day protection from germsPBG is applied as a fine-mist spray and not much is required per use to achieve full protective coverage. In other words – a little bit goes a long way!
 12+Hours of Protection from a Single Application
*Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers that provide no lasting protection after the alcohol has evaporated, our proprietary formula bonds with the surface of the skin to protect for 12+ hours.
Continues to Protect Even After Hand Washing
*This bond only loses efficacy through skin sloughing (kinda gross, but we all do it). PureBioGuard has been proven to maintain effectiveness through up to 10 hand-washings! 
Alcohol-Free (Doesn’t Dry Your Skin)
*Contains soothing botanicals that soften your hands to prevent drying, redness, and chapping (and it smells nice!) 
Completely Safe 
*PureBioGuard is alcohol-free, triclosan-free, non-toxic, and completely safe for kids, pets, and the environment. 

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2 reviews for Hand Sanitizer – Value 12 Pack

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mark (verified owner)

    So glad to have found this spray! I manage a bank branch and deal with money all day and it’s disgusting, so every morning we wipe everything down with disinfectant. When a customer told me about pbg I immediately jumped on to check it out and was amazed, so I bought a pack for the office. While we haven’t stopped cleaning we don’t worry as much either. We’ll definitely be back!

  2. Raymond

    I bought a 12-pack a few weeks ago to make sure that my employees all had a bottle going into flu season. I run a small business and can’t really afford to have people home from work sick. I Just ordered another 12-pack because I want a bottle for each of my kids and a few extra to have around the house for convenience. Purebioguard has become a part of our routine at work and at home. Thanks for a great product.

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